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Moxie Le Femme is an eclectic dance company based in Lakeland in the heart of central Florida that infuses contemporary style

dance with elements of classic burlesque. One of the oldest burlesque troupes in Florida, our performances are a blend of dance,

singing and comedy. No matter the genre, one thing that remains consistent is the sensual movement that our performers bring

to the stage. Mark your calendars now to come out and join us for some of that good old razzle dazzle!

Come see Lakeland’s original burlesque, variety and dance revue!


Moxie in Action


Moxie Memories

We love our fans!

Once again, another amazing show! It takes an extremely talented group, to put on such an extraordinary set of performances!

Loved Nautical. No longer dislike Elvis. The singing was amazing. The black light skit was awesome. Thanks for another wonderful show.

I can’t imagine how hard all of you must have rehearsed. It was such a professional & flawless production. You weren’t even rattled by the power outage. I’m simply blown away.