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Ivanna Peacock

Name: Ivanna Peacock

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Turn On’s: Super cars. Nothing will turn me on quicker than a 10 cylinder engine revving.

Pets: A very sweet old lab.

Favorite Cocktail: Bailey’s…..mamma loves her some Bailey’s

Favorite Color: green

Dream vacation: Staying in the Michael Jackson sweet at Atlantis in the Bahamas. After soaking up some sun and relaxation, fly to Italy to eat pasta and gelato until I explode. Then after my food coma, head over to Scotland just to listen to the natives talk. Mmmmm…Scottish accents.

Best Moxie Le Femme Memory: My best memory has to be when I auditioned to guest spot in a Valentine’s themed show before I became a member. I was BEYOND nervous! I had never sang in front of anyone EVER prior to that moment The only place I felt comfortable singing was in the shower. I auditioned for them just before one of their rehearsals. I’m surprised my voice didn’t crack….I was shaking so badly. After I auditioned, everyone was genuinely nice and said I did great. They turned a terrifying experience into a moment that has really been a catalyst for my confidence.